About Us

An almaari refused to keep her secret.

An almaari kept 74-year-old Chatty Janaki's personal creations a secret for decades. While she was content with the 'perfect homemaker' tag, her knits were denied of their due opportunity and appreciation. Finally her almaari and she shared a close-knit chat and finally they signed a pact to reveal a treasure of threads.

Amma realised that like her untold story, there are many more Amma’s whose art and craft travel as generous gifts to loved ones. She decided to give fellow Amma’s talent their due respect and remuneration. Alongwith Version Next Digital (VND), Amma ki Almaari is now an online platform promoting art and craft talent of pan-India amma’s, artists and art enterprises. 

The website showcases art in its purest form and recreates niche art to serve as function and fashion.

Amma ki Almaari range of products include knitted wear, paintings, home décor, home art installations, paper art, terracotta, jewellery, quirky art, recycled art, spiritual wares, unique gifting items and Amma ki Almaari private label etc.


Contact us:

E: ammakialmaari@gmail.com
M: 9820570597, 9820925347
FB: Amma ki Almaari